The Wolf


2008  Joseph Smith


The tale of a lone animal facing an increasing struggle against nature, a mixture of nature writing and fantasy. The villain of fairytales and traveller's myths, turned hero of his own adventure.


'It is a daring novel that achieves that most elusive of challenges - changing the world a little for the reader.'

Francesca Segal, The Observer


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2010  Joseph Smith


A strikingly alternative pastoral.  Taurus is the psychologically unnerving and viscerally detailed story of a bull.


'There isn't anyone else writing anything like this, and it's very, very exciting.'

Jill Murphy,





The Wolf & Taurus


2011  Joseph Smith


 Two iconic animals, one the wild and untamed wolf, prowling a desperately harsh winter, to become the hero of his own fairytale, while the other is the fighting bull, domesticated, bored and massive, slowly awakening to his power.


Two original and powerful tales told from the perspective of the animal, together in this exciting reversible paperback version!




Finally My Ambulance


2013  Joseph Smith


 A flowing album of thirteen short stories, each standing alone as powerful pieces of prose, but also thirteen parts of a greater whole: interconnected, weaving viciously around the same themes, through one voice and effortlessly into another.


A young man goes to war with his hopes high; another goes to the pub and comes across an old enemy; an award-winning photographer oversteps the mark; a fundamentalist has problems in paradise; a crocodile contemplates his love/hate relationship with the noble gnu; a pianist struggles with Bach; a priest watches with pleasure as another man dies before him...