The face that launched 1000 Cleveland steamers


Here in idyllic southern France, where I live in relative sun-drenched comfort compared to the rest of humanity’s heaving, sorry, chlorine-gas filled mass, we are all staunch Le Pen supporters, because we’re afraid of war-torn brown people coming and taking our holiday lifestyles away from us.


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Hit by a bus with teeth


I came to the conclusion once on acid, that all the madness, the hallucinations, the water dripping from the ceiling, the crazy flows of light around me, and also the world beyond: politics, war, disease, famine and fear of death, the whole screaming gamut of existence – all of it was just a distraction to prevent me from winning a game of ISS Pro against my friend, who was also very high on acid at the time.


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Trump is like Harry Potter - shit but popular

All around the world people are up in arms at the inauguration and presidential foreplay of Donald Trump, and scratching their heads and saying – how did this happen?


I’ll tell you how it happened in two words: Harry Potter.

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I Have To Stop Burning Books

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What is it like to be a gunman?

The philosopher Nagel famously asked what it might be like, to be a bat.  Similarly, we might wonder at the philosophical problem faced when we try to posit ourselves in the mind of a homicidal, psychopathic, two biscuits of batshit for breakfast type of guy, who goes on a beachside rampage with an automatic rifle.

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