Joseph Smith is the author of The Wolf, Taurus and Finally My Ambulance.  He lives and works in France.


Inspired by Barry Lopez's Of Wolves and Men, he wrote his debut novella The Wolf while living  in the snowy north of England.  The tale of a lone animal facing an increasing struggle in a mixture of nature writing and fantasy.  The villain of fairytales and traveller's myths turned hero of his own adventure.


The Wolf was Irish Times Literary Event of the Year 2008, and was published worldwide by prestigious publishers, including Jonathan Cape, Mondadori and Bompiani.


Taurus is the opposite story: the shadow of the wild wolf, the tale of a domesticated fighting bull trapped in routine and boredom, slowly becoming aware of his own power, and what he might do with it, all the while being drawn inexorably to his fate in the corrida.


His most recent book is Finally My Ambulance, a set of short stories, best read as a whole, linked in theme and tone.


He continues to write.