Hello there


My name is Joe and I am a writer living and working in France.  I have many passions but am driven to write.  It is my access to the unlimited and without it I become unhealthy and moody – just ask my wife and son.  (Sorry guys.)  I write mainly first-person narratives from unique view points and often in the present tense.


If you want to read about my publishing history, click here.  It’s written in third-person, as if I got a pro to do it, but we all know it was me.  Suffice to say I’ve had three books published and am a (semi)professional writer.  That in itself is a story.  Just ask my wife and son.  And the cat.  And the dent in the fridge at fist height.


It has been an interesting journey getting where I am and I have not quite got there yet.  Perhaps I am a journeyman who knows he knows a thing or two.  Certainly not all, and my quest continues to write great novels that are accessible to all.  In other words a goddamn bestseller without compromising what I do.  That’s the journey I’m still on and maybe you’ll join me for part of it – and that is primarily what this website is for.  Feel free to get in touch – take a look at my contact page to find out how.  Or indeed why you might want to.


Joseph Karol Smith

(That’s me in full)


Joseph Smith